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Welcome to the sleep ergonomics specialty store Tempur Brand Store & Outlet. Here you will find everything you need for a good night's sleep: trained sleep ergonomics experts (KNAs) and genuine pressure-relieving Tempur mattresses, beds, pillows, blankets and small products! Choose the best one according to studies The test winner of international and domestic research, TEMPUR is the world's leading bed manufacturer. TEMPUR is the only manufacturer to be certified by NASA in recognition of the authenticity, quality and durability of the material. When you sleep on a TEMPUR mattress and pillow, you will immediately notice their uniqueness. TEMPUR material adjusts individually according to the shapes of your body. The weight of your body is more evenly distributed on the mattress compared to a regular spring mattress, thus reducing the discomfort caused by pressure points. You will immediately find a restful sleeping position where you can relax without a sleep-disturbing turning. In a prestigious European study, TEMPUR products had the most satisfied users in Finland and 13 other countries. In Finland, TEMPUR was selected for the first place e.g. quality and suitability for the back (sleep ergonomics). TEMPUR is recommended more than any other material. Tempur is also recommended by the Back Association and the Union of Sleep - it is the best for your back and sleep! Welcome to the store or book a time for a free sleep ergonomics survey - appointment bookers will also receive a gift. Revervations at
Tempur Brand Store
Tempur Brand Store
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